Making Ends Meet in Bangkok

book-making-money-in-Thailand-Godfree-2-198x300There’s never enough living in Partyville right? So any suggestions on how to earn some extra dosh can’t hurt – and from those in the know!  A word from the wise from those with an extra income source:

Steve – English Tutor – Approximately 10000 baht a month

I teach at an international school here in Bangkok. I receive a decent salary but I find that the tutoring helps to pay for the occasional meal and night out. As you would expect, there is a demand for English teachers here in Bangkok, so even though I’m a Physics teacher by trade, I make most of my extra money from tutoring English.

I’ve been lucky in that two of the four kids I currently tutor are already my students at school so I didn’t have to go far to find them and I can just teach them straight after the school day ends. I charge 800 baht an hour to go through whatever they might be struggling with in class. I find that money isn’t an issue with the International school children. The other two children I teach came through adverts I posted in my condo building. I only charge them 500 baht an hour but the lessons are relatively easy. It’s mainly conversational English they want to practice and we just meet in the coffee shop downstairs.  Qualifications are a bonus but nobody has ever asked to see my credentials. Being English, white and dressing neatly probably helps! I’m not looking for more students at the moment but I find there’s always a demand especially in the lead up to exam season.

Rob – online Virtual Assistant – Approximately 15000 baht a month

I was introduced to by a friend a couple of years ago. It’s a website which allows you to upload your CV and apply for jobs which are posted by companies or individuals from all around the world. There is an abundance of specialist work for web designers and programmers but there are also more basic administrative roles that the average ex-pat English teacher, like myself, can apply for. At the moment I provide a variety of admin services to several online clients. The tasks vary day to day from transcription and data entry to copy writing and editing web copy. In most cases a basic grasp of Microsoft Office is all you need; that and a good internet connection. Having your own computer is important as you’ll need to install the oDesk software which tracks your progress when you’re working on tasks.

Jobs can be paid by the hour or by project. Everything is negotiable but there is a lot of competition on oDesk so I find that pricing your services well is the key to getting good work. This doesn’t just mean doing things cheaply – I try not to compete with the Indian and Pakistani bids for jobs; they’re charging $1-$3 per hour and it just isn’t worth it. Whilst pricing yourself a little higher restricts the number of jobs you can apply for, the employers tend to be better organised and more generous with bonuses.

These days I tend to do about ten hours a week aiming at jobs that bring in $10-$15 per hour. oDesk takes 10% off the top and the rest is paid directly into my UK account. I just use my UK debit card here to withdraw money once in a while but it’s also nice to have some cash in the bank when I go back for holidays.

Jon – Exfuze Direct Sales – 100000+ baht a month

Direct sales often get a bad reputation and it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing worse than listening to an old friend trying to sell you some overpriced soap or herbal hair shampoo. The theory looks sound but the reality rarely lives up to it. The initial investment is usually too high, the ongoing cost too draining and the numbers you need to sell rarely make it worth doing.

Despite knowing all that it’s always been something which intrigued me; the financial possibilities are just too attractive and I figured at some point it was something I wanted to try. A friend of mine introduced Exfuze to me. He’s stuck at it for three years and he’s now the highest earner in Malaysia, making a huge sum each month. What I liked is that he never tried to sell it to me. It was only recently that the company has launched in Thailand and while he was here to train the management team, I finally asked him to explain how it all worked.

The business plan is simple and the product is good. Best described as a Botanical super drink; Exfuze is great for active people or those that need a more balanced diet – a vitamin and antioxidant booster. If you are someone that takes multivitamins and fruit juice then you can simply replace them both with this drink. The advice my friend gave me was to try the drink first; join if I believed in the product, and if I am going to do it for the business element then join early! The system itself is relatively easy. All online, clear and easy to track – the initial joining fee is less than 9000 baht but can be as low as 3000. Get three people to join and you’ve made your money back; four people and you are on the way. If those people do the same you’ll be on the way to 100k baht per month. It’s different to other MLM businesses in that the initial investment is low; there’s no stock to hold and you can get out at any time whilst still making money from the people you’ve recruited.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you were thinking of starting a MLM business I’d say the same as my friend. Get in early, make sure you like what you’re investing in and make sure you know the numbers involved. A lot of these businesses are impossible to make money on but Exfuze is very transparent and very new in Thailand so as long as you understand what you’re doing you can be at the top of the tree. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.


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