Claudia Says – Indie Progress Countrywise

“Hi… thank you for the great posts about Indie Bands…we were in contact a couple of years ago and now we are nearly finished with my album. The band is finding itself and we should be ready for gigging soon. We have decided to publish the Bonus Track of my upcoming Album, which is the only track in German language…the English Version can be found on the album. Here is the link to the Video in YouTube to the song: *Hey Gebrochenes Herz / Dear Broken Heart* and we hope you will support us by sharing it. It might be interesting to the German-speaking community here in Bangkok. Our band will perform mostly in English, but planned are also German and Thai. Our style is Country, Country-Rock, Rockabilly, Country Blues and Southern Rock/Blues. Our band is mixed with expats and Thais and I will gladly inform you about the date of our debut. Of course we are more than willing to also perform anywhere. Sending blessings your way with best regards from Bang Khun Thian….C.C.Tennissen :)”

Fatty’s – No Turdburgers here!


Nine Months In….

Here (click pic) were the 10 hot tips for 2015…progress?


NEXT! The Bangkok Indie Bin

For a city of its size, Bangkok has produced few music artists of international repute and the city itself is something of a graveyard for venues and bands, and remains a parochial backwater struggling to find a voice. But buried beneath a tsunami of talentless DJ’s and MC’s and ‘producers’ is the local indie scene, humming away and happily producing a band a week looking for record deals and gigs before they fizzle out and die or crossover to the ravenous, cannibalistic and relatively lucrative rock-pop factories who feed the masses with more of the same before spitting out the band and hoovering up the next willing victims. The indie scene is home to some very talented musicians who can play and write and give you a good night out in the bargain. Most do their thang in Thai of course, but you can’t deny the grooves and passion many  display with no need for a translator when they take the stage to rock your socks off. As a community, they form an important part of the vibrant Asian music scene and on any good weekend they are playing host to thousands of young Bangkok residents who dig the music and the whole indie vibe and making it their own – cover bands be damned! Click on the pic for the latest inside skinny!